Social WiFi Mobile Marketing Return-On-Investment

Watch   This   Amazing   Informative   Video   Below   &   How   Your   WiFi   Hotspot  Can   Return   Big   Profits

Guaranteed you will understand Social WiFi Mobile Marketing if you spend 17 minutes with us.  Watch how important giving away ‘free wifi’ to your customers can now bring in more revenue. While you engage on a personal level and build relationships with your customers. With real-time data reports, lets you know who is using your wifi. So then you can target your customers, bring them back-in with a special offering or to your special event using your wifi hotspot!

How would you like your customers to tell their family and friends on social media on autopilot that your business is the place to go for free wifi, great service and special offers?  So go ahead and watch this video below.  It will tell you exactly the information better than we could write about it.  We are excited to present to you . . .

This Ground Floor Opportunity That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Isn’t This Exciting News! So let’s do a little recap . . . 

Lucrative Mobile’s Social WiFi Mobile Marketing is a Social-Engaged Free WiFi Ad Platform Solution that Pays and Gives Something Back to the Business Owner.

[icon type=”check-square-o”]   Fastest Way to Grow Your Database.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Social Hotspot Marketing is the Easiest & Safest Way to Share Your WiFi Network with Customers.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Send Promotional Targeted Ads, Coupons & More Right On Their Personal Mobile Phone.  
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  
Long Term Success Depends On Repeat Customers and Gets Higher Response Rates!
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Customers Like To Stay At Locations Where There is Good Internet Access & Working WiFi.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Collects FB Personal Info. Data like Names, Real Emails, Birthdays, Town, Friends, Likes & Social Insights.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Send Your Customer to Any Redirect Url You Choose. Build Loyalty Rewards Program.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Interact with Your Mobile Customers on Social Media, Have Your Customer Promote For You!
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Imagine The Messages Go Viral on Their Wall to All Their Friends and Invites Their Friends. 
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Help Promote Future Events and Activities and Get Your Tickets Sold Early Campaigns. 
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Capture Leads and Send Automated Email or SMS Text Marketing Campaigns.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Co-Advertise with Partner Businesses or Have Your Product Sponsors Cover Your Costs!
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Social WiFi Mobile Marketing is Pure Awesomeness with a Dedicated Mobile Friendly Website.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]   Works on Any & All Internet Devices.
[icon type=”check-square-o”]  Sky’s The Limit So Brainstorm with Lucrative Mobile Local WiFi Today!

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