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We  Launch  Compelling,  Instant-Engagement, Mobile  Campaigns  with  Customer  Analytic  Data  

Dear Business Owners & Entrepreneurs – Welcome to the New Era of Mobile Local Marketing!
These 6 mobile customer engagement systems are designed to help you engage, build relationships and loyalty acquisition in your local market. Customers are delighted that you meet them with their growing needs to personally engage them on their mobile devices to your products and services. Meeting your customers mobile desire is going to take your business on a new level of business conquest. Take a Tour Below with Our Customer Engagement Mobile Marketing Solutions!

Let  Us  Do  Your  Customer  Handshaking …
with  Mobile  Customer  Engagement  Systems!

Of all formalities in social contacts, a handshake is an important introduction ritual and contributes to first impressions. A handshake is a reciprocal symbolization of either a greeting or an agreement, originating far back to the 5th century BC in ancient Greece.

Each of our Mobile Customer Engagement Systems you begin to offer your customers with an introductory handshake and then a deal. But in a very unusual way … yes, touching the palm of their hands but without your physically contact. 

The handshake ritual is now acquainted through the customers personal mobile smartphones and mobile devices.  Customers are introduced to new products, additional services, fun entertainment, great information and loyalty discounts.

Now I said the handshake is reciprocal. What’s in it for you, the business shop owner? With our mobile customer engagement systems, well, you get valuable real-time consumer behavior analysis.  You build your customer database with real names and emails.  The opportunity to influence that behavior in real-time. Drive more customers. Incite customer activity. Increased foot-traffic. Viral shared content. Consumer feedback. Brand awareness. All leading to business profitability and growth.

Today’s  Consumer  is  Mobile.  If  Your  Customers  are  on  Mobile,
Then  Why  Aren’t  You?

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Lucrative  Mobile  will  help  you  set up,  run  campaigns  and  track  those  results  with  our  proprietary  Mobile  Customer  Engagement  Systems.

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