About Lucrative Mobile Customer Engagement Systems is a full-tilt mobile marketing firm that helps increase leads and turns them into customers. Converting your marketing efforts with ROI and tracked campaign analytics. Our lucrative mobile customer engagement systems help your business target your mobile savvy audience. Lucrative Mobile is focused on helping local business’ generate more leads using advanced mobile technology.

The rise of mobile smartphones are creating smarter shoppers while creating opportunity for smarter marketing. Extensive mobile research suggests that, on average, website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with an online retailer, if it has a mobile website.  Mobile optimization enhances user engagement and influences sales.  

As of April 21st, 2015, if your business website are not mobile-optimized, it will be difficult for a potential customer to find you on a mobile search – Ouwee! Currently, 50% of your customers are mobile. If you won’t adopt mobile marketing, your competition will over-shadow you and your future business growth can suffer!

All of Our Clients Will Have 7 Objectives . . .

Drive More Customers Online to Offline (in-person).

Increase the Time to Market to Incite Customer Activity.

Gain an Increased Understanding of Customer Behaviors.

Provide an Enhanced Customer Experience.

Increased Convenience to Their Business.

Lower Marketing Costs and Increase Effectiveness.

Increase Overall Lucrative Sales.

Our Mobile Customer Engagement Systems
Meet These Expectations!


Lucrative Mobile Customer Engagement Systems We’re Your Partner-In-Profits!


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