SMS Text Marketing Platform

Using a SMS Text Marketing platform in business is a practical and economical method to attract and engage your customers. Sending text messages have a phenomenal open rate of 98-99%.  While 24% SMS texts are shared with friends. That’s impressive!

SMS stands for “Short Message Service”.  Of course, the shorter the message the better when sending out your marketing messages to customers’ mobile smartphone.  Messages that are too long and winded or boring will lose recipients attention and unsubscribe from getting your messages.

Your recipient will have to have given permission or opted-in to receive your marketing campaigns first.  By being picky with your messages but continually giving the recipient something of value to them, they will gladly accept your text messages. SMS text messages have the potential to reach your ideal customer and get your messages shared with others.

Best SMS Text Marketing Platform Successful  SMS  Text  Marketing  Platform  Campaigns  include  the  ability  to:

[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Schedule Individual Alert Messages or In-Advance Autoresponder Messages.
[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Get Recipients to Eagerly Join Your List by Offering a “Chance to Win” Contest or other promos.
[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Push Scannable-Barcoded Mobile Coupons that are also Shared Automatically on Twitter & Facebook.
[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Gain Inside Knowledge & Feedback from Customer about New Products and Services thru Polls & Surveys.
[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Send Birthday Wishes Along with a Birthday Coupon Your Customer’s Will Appreciate This.
[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Notify Recipients of New Entertaining Content, Events and Compelling Offers, Quickly and Easily.
[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Text to Screen Live Events – Audience has Their Text Message Display & Engage on Big Screens.

[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Use Text Message to ‘Remind’ Clients of Their Appointments and more . . .
[icon type=”hand-o-right”]  Full Reporting and Analytics to Help Gauge Customer Reaction to Your Campaigns.

Combine our SMS text marketing platform with our other marketing advertising enablers (like NFC Lead Generation Tool, QR Codes, Social WiFi, Beacon Proximity). You’ll have an ‘unstoppable traffic engine’ to your content-filled Mobile Friendly Website and Mobile Loyalty Wallets. More walk-in foot traffic to your Offline Brick and Mortar Shop, leaving your competition in the dust.

SMS Text Marketing Platform

There is no better recurring, direct advertising method than getting your message on a customer’s personal mobile cell phone.  Utilizing a SMS text marketing platform can be a very Lucrative Mobile Advertising formula for most any company or industry.



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