Tap In Customers With NFC Lead Generation Tool


Use of these tags as a NFC lead generation tool to tap in customers. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. All you do is get close to (within 3cm) or ‘tap’ your phone on a tag and your smartphone will instantly go to a specific call-to-action that is written in the tag. A NFC tag is a low-powered, wafer-thin digital chip sticker that can be placed anywhere.

NFC Digital Chip Tage



NFC Tags function much like what a QR Code does (and actually should be) but with better reliability and scan on demand. It can store basic data and set a string of commands. Unlock your phone, turn on/off your phone apps, bluetooth, wifi, screen brightness or power-save. Share files, pictures, videos, mobile website, text, apps and any link-url, any information even track inventory. We will use them as a ‘NFC Lead Generation Tool’.

These NFC tags are inexpensive micro-chip stickers that you program the call to action. All android phones are equipped with NFC Reader technology. In the case of IOS phones, NFC is currently Apple Payments Only at the moment. (So you still need QR codes to reach your Apple users.)



NFC Bridges Online to Offline World


It’s Fast, Simple, Quick Connections, Quick Sharing, Requires No-Battery Power, Inexpensive, Re-Programmable and Re-Writable, Saves Time, Locking Tag Campaigns, Low-Range/Low-Power, Instant Gratification, Convenience, Increased Automation, Offers Great User Experience.



NFC is also implemented in mobile wallet payments that turn your phone into a credit card. But here we are going to suggest NFC as an ‘Advertising Marketing Enabler’. NFC tags are placed ideally on a sign, poster, flyer, brochure, table tents or packages really virtually any surface. Smart tags can be utilized in-house or in outdoor advertising.

First you will entice the customer to ‘Tap NFC Here’ with an incentive to tap like ‘Tap to Enter’, ‘Tap to Win’, ‘Tap for Info’ ‘Tap to Call’ etc. Then instantly direct the customer to whatever page you like. There are countless ways to direct a call to action. Here are just some ideas to put to use in NFC marketing …

 Redeem A Coupon   A Video Commercial  Visit Your Website  Location Map Directions  Social Media Likes & Sharing  Product Promotions  Product Descriptions  Leave a Review Event Ticket Passes  Turn On WiFi  Enter A Contest  Download Free Content  Listen to a Song or Podcast  Product Display Info  Send A SMS or Email Opt-In  Give A Voucher  Loyalty Rewards  Build Your List  Download Your App  Tap to Call

How Do You Use NFC Tap in Marketing


Get smart data analytics using the NFC Lead Generation Tool on our platform tracing customer tag engagement. We produce tracking reports that show you real-time ‘tap’ analysis. Track the number of taps at each tag locations allowing you to measure and improve for each tag marketing crusade. Test, tweek then rewrite and reuse the tags for new campaigns.  Think about this … Customers interacting with your print advertising and it’s giving invaluable traffic data. WOW!

Store Tracking NFC In_Store Analysis




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