Beacon Proximity Marketing Is Real-Time Traffic Business!

Beacon Proximity Marketing for more traffic business will be exploding this year with Beacon technology. Beacons are used for short range distance and no action is required to trigger an event. An event being … is a beeped message on a mobile users phone.However, the mobile user will need to have bluetooth location app turned on their smartphone. If a user doesn’t want to receive these push notifications, they can turn off location-based services. The low-energy beacon is powered by an lithium battery that can last from 1 up to 5 years and it’s configured on an app platform.

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Beacons do not store any data, they are merely broadcasting a one-way, low-energy transmitter signal. However, our beacons do something extra-ordinary. The Business Owner has 2-way alert communication that allows them to know who is actually taking action on your messages and how many just walk-bye. Easy to gauge effectiveness of your messages. Plus choose 3 beacon signal ranges from 25 feet, 230 feet and 650 feet.

Once a customer is captured in your database, you can send special push notifications at any time. Schools, Club Members, Associations can communicate confirmations, alerts, event or renewal reminders and emergency notices …

One scenario, for instance, is that several messages can be broadcasted long range, mid-range to close proximity range. Enticing the user to come visit a location and take immediate action. Or Beacon Proximity Marketing are also used in-store at different departments, with product demos and video commercials that interact with the shopper to help the consumer with better decision-making. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Proximity  Geo Fencing

Geo-Fencing (virtual zoning) uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates that are already installed in all smartphones. Proximity Geo-Fencing services long range distance up to several miles! Geo Fencing is not only useful for advertised promotions. It can locate the nearest store to the consumer, set up reminders to pick up an order or offer a practical tip.

Imagine This! How would you like to change a person’s decision where to shop by setting up a geo-fence at your competitor’s location? Literally, make them get back in their car and turn around. Drive your competitor’s potential customer into your customer with a more enticing offer. When used correctly, you add value and improve your customer experience that makes your business stand out.

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Beacon  Proximity  Marketing  Gives  Insightful,  Useable  Data

With beacon proximity marketing, the unique data analytics give additional insights whether a marketing campaign is working to bring-in customers to targeted offers. How often a customer comes in to shop and the time spent shopping. Analyzing preferences and behaviors. Proximity marketing is a tool in which profitable business decisions can be shaped.

Using all this data, a store can personalize experiences and reward VIP customers. It gives the consumer real-time information and branded content. Influences purchasing decisions with multiple opportunities to grab the shoppers attention. In exchange, the business owner gains insightful, useable data to carry out a detailed marketing plan that gives value to consumers.

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Beacon  Proximity  Marketing  with  Lucrative  Mobile 

Beacons are advertising marketing enablers with push notifications. They are particularly great to use with our mobile wallet loyalty passes. Together they are really powerful to drive foot traffic and loyalty into your shop.  GeoFencing, Beacons and our SMS Text Marketing Platform or Ringless Voicemail Technology can also compliment each other and drive traffic and sales. 

Beacons increase personalized real-time engagement with the customer. Messages inform the consumer of your sales, new products and relevant information in each department. As giving value to the customer is the most profitable way to reap ROI.  

We can market intelligence based on the previous day’s activity in real-time metrics. Real-time campaign analytics.  Comparison month to month analytics. It’s the looking-glass you’ve been waiting for! 

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